Mobile App

This company needed a digital tool to help educate and sell consumers on their products outside the traditional store and office setting. This app worked as a stand-alone kiosk where customers could research their water problems and find the solutions they needed. It also acted as a form intake, which increased conversions within the first quarter.


App Development

Creative Process

With a short, four week turnaround time on this project, we needed to streamline our process significantly.

Since this was a new product, we were able to cut out a lot of the research we would normally do on an app project.

We met with a handful of clients to get a better understanding of what they needed so we could make an informed decision about how best to approach the design.

I finally decided on a two path process. One for those consumers who knew what their water issues were and could navigate directly to products and those who didn’t know what the issue was, only the symptoms. The system allowed them to walk through the water issues to find theirs and the solutions available.

Time Management

With four weeks, myself and one backend developer made this our primary task. He built the framework while I worked through the design with the account team and the client.

User Testing

We chose a group of 30 people of varying demographics and internet savvy to test the application.

Product Features

The design uses the senses to help consumers find their water problems. Using imagery to demonstrate the effects of various issues, we help walk them through the issue and find the right solution.


Minimal Design

Responsive Design

Creative Idea

The numbers

The numbers speak for themselves on the project. Once word reached the dealers that there was success in using the app, we doubled our sales.

  • Conversion Rate – 65%
  • New Users – 98%

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