Website redesign

Event Essentials

When it came time to refresh their website, we needed to find a way to express not only their extensive catalog of rental items, but also their ability to design trendy, beautiful events.

Event Essential’s website refresh was a true example of Form Following Function. The entire website is a visual showcase for their custom-designed events.

Updating Trends

Refreshing a brand is always a tricky tightrope walk, you can’t take them in a completely new direction without potentially alienating current customers but at the same time it’s much more difficult to attract new clientele with a stagnant brand.

Showcasing Event Essentials work, coupled with an updated color palette and a trendy layout helped bridge the gap between the old and new while still maintaining functionality by seamlessly integrating their third party catalog software.


Built Responsive and Up

Event Essentials design began with responsive in mind, giving it solid performance on phones, tablets as well as larger screens such as televisions.